Saturday, December 14, 2019

Greta Thunberg is a loser courtesy of the mainstream media

What Greta has to learn is that the MSM no longer has sway with the majority American people.  They've been exposed for the shallow people that they area by submitting, a nobody from Sweden, to become the leader of climate change. 

How does that happen in a same world? 

It actually doesn't.  But, for the rest of us who see a pig being painted with lipstick, Greta gets to be that pig and now she's going to live with the stink 

Go back to Sweden, Greta!  You won't like it when the same media who built you up will kick you to the curb with the greatest of ease. 




  1. All good points. The Left can always be counted on to drag out and exploit children when it fits their narrative. And they do it so shamelessly.