Monday, December 2, 2019

X22 Report: Hold Position, The Calm Before The Storm, Phase III Brings A Traitor’s Justice

·      Bloomberg not investigating other Democrats
·      Trump not giving press credentials to Bloomberg
·      Hunter caught in baby scandal
·      Lawyer for Hunter quit
·      Deep State in a deep deep panic
·      Hillary getting involved
·       President of Ukraine did nothing wrong
·      White House not participating in Nadler's hearing
·      Giuliani waiting to offer evidence
·      Nadler starts Phase ll
·      A traitor's justice
·      Phase lll
·      Deep State players are going to be coming out the wood work
·      Same actors used by Christine Blousy Ford
·      All this is being used against them
·      Jeffrey Epstein
·      Perinea Andrew
·      The Patriots have it all
·      The new is going to break at the right momne tat the right time
·      All this coming together
·      Pelosi flew to climate twenty five conference
·      This is a violation of law
·      Trump removed us from climate accord because it was a boondoggle for he US
·      You Tube taking down 360 ads
·      Trump not a big fan of NATO
·      Trump cutting expenses to NATO.
·      Others in Congress losing cash cow
·      Where in the calm before he storm
·      Q
·      Phase lll is a traitor's justice

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