Saturday, January 18, 2020

Amtrak demands $25,000 from two disabled passengers for ride that costs $16 because their wheelchairs would force 'railcar reconfiguration'

Somebody fell asleep at the switch at Amtrack.
 According to disability law, they are required to give a reasonable accommodation to he disabled.    

Daily Mail reports Amtrak attempted to charge two disabled passengers who use wheelchairs more than $25,000 for a single ride because the accommodation would require them to take seats out of one of their railcars.  

A one-way ticket from Chicago to Bloomington, Illinois, is just $16, so Adam Ballard was understandably shocked when he saw the fee Amtrak insisted upon. 

Ballard told NPR: 'I thought it was a mistake. That's the price of a car. How can that be possible? I was sure it was a mistake. But I've seen it in writing. So I know it's not.' 
Ballard works as a housing and transportation analyst for Access Living, a disability service and advocacy center in Chicago.

A group in his office is scheduled to travel around three hours away to Bloomington for a work retreat. 
Out of the group of ten attendees, five - including Ballard - use wheelchairs. Each Amtrak car contains one space for a wheelchair, meaning that only three of the five wheelchair users are adequately accommodated.

When Access Living had given advance notice about sending a large group in the past, the railroad service took out more seats to fit more wheelchairs. 

One time it took out seats in the dinning car and charged a few extra hundred dollars.  

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Somebody better call Hunter Biden!  

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