Saturday, January 18, 2020

Oregon woman Emily James fired from bank job after giving struggling man $20 to get home for Christmas: report

Shame on US Bank for firing that employee!  She acted beyond the call of duty, on Christmas eve, no less.  Terrible job by US Bank.     

Fox News reports an Oregon woman claims she was fired from her bank job after helping a struggling customer get home to his family on Christmas Eve by giving him $20 of her own money.

Emily James worked as a senior banker at a U.S. Bank call center in Portland when she received a call from a customer last month whose paycheck had been placed on hold, The Oregonian reported.

James worked to help Marc Eugenio, a Clackamas resident, get access to the more than $1,000 that should have been in his account before telling him to go to his local bank the next day to get the money cleared by a manager.

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