Monday, January 27, 2020

'These helicopters don't just fall out of the sky': Kobe Bryant's former pilot Kurt Deetz claims

I really don't know what happened.  But, it looks like pilot error may be involved.
Daily Mail reports Kobe Bryant's former pilot has claimed that the Sikorsky S-76B that was carrying the NBA legend and eight others when it crashed into a hillside Sunday morning is such a 'reliable' aircraft that it wouldn't just 'fall out of the sky.'  

Kurt Deetz, who used to fly the basketball superstar around in 2015, described the helicopter as being like a 'limousine' that was in 'fantastic' condition and subject to a 'very good maintenance program'. 

Deetz said the helicopter is a 'very complex' aircraft that's meant to be flown by experienced pilots. He said that pilots need at least a couple thousand hours flying in a twin engine to be ready to fly the model. 

'There aren’t a lot of people readily qualified to fly it,' he said. While speaking about the reliability of the helicopter, Deetz told CNN: 'They just don’t fall out of the sky.'
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