Monday, January 6, 2020

X22 Report: he Deep State /D’s Are In The Dark, Moves & Countermoves, Checkmate

·      Deep State pushing the idea of war is coming
·      Deep State does not control the situation
·      MSM is saying Ukraine under Trump
·      The Dems want a fair trial
·      But, Trump is the accused
·      The Dems are worrying about Trump exposing themselves
·      FISA warrants wren used to spy on Giuliani
·      The MSM and the Dems are not going after Biden Inc
·      Anybody who speaks against Giuliani is working for the Deep State
·      Virginia is pursuing an assault weapons ban
·       The people do not agree
·      Trump and the Patriots countered what's happening in Iraq
·       Trump means business with Iran
·      Trump has targeted 52 sites in Iran
·      Trump is speaking to the Deep State
·      Trump is telling the Deep State any attack by Iran will be met with disproportionate force
·      The Iranian regime has nowhere to go
·      The US has spent 2 trillion on military
·      It won't be pretty
·      This is no bluff
·      Nancy Pelosi doesn't have a clue
·      Iran is only has  support of the Deep State
·      Iraqi parliament has voted to expel US troops
·       A lot of Democrats were bribed to pass Iran nuclear deal
·      Russia has pull in Iran
·      Putin understands what's going on
·      Deep State did not know he was going after Solemie
·      Trump doesn't want war
·      MSM is ginning up WW lll

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