Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bernie Sanders’ strange history of comparing blue-collar workers to black slaves

Bernie may have a problem. 
He attracts little black support and no one can win the Democratic nomination without it.  Joe Biden has that support unlock. 

Fox News reports Sen. Bernie Sanders is famous for railing against the 1 percent and lamenting the conditions of the modern working class. But early in his career, he went even further to cast those workers as victims of the system – using a curious analogy to repeatedly compare the plight of blue-collar workers to the horrors endured by enslaved African Americans.

The Daily Beast reported earlier last month that the presidential hopeful had brought up slavery when discussing the struggles of the working class in nearly all-white Vermont in the 1970s.

Fox News has obtained more examples of archival interviews the Vermont independent did in the 1970s that reveal Sanders’ comparison wasn’t a one-off, but an apparent belief that he repeatedly espoused.

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