Saturday, February 29, 2020

CNN’s Angela Rye Bullies Blacks Voting for Trump: ‘Shame on You’

There it is!  The old standby the Democrat party has used against black folks for years.
  One cannot be authentically black unless they vote Democrat.  Well, Sista!  That ship has sailed and African Americans are tired of getting hoodwinked by Democrats.
NewsBusters reports  always angry CNN political commentator Angela Rye spewed venom at black Trump supporters on the network, Thursday morning. Rye was invited by CNN Tonight host Don Lemon to comment on President Trump’s re-election campaign reaching out to black voters.

Not only did she completely downplay what the president has done for the black community, giving Obama credit instead, she also bullied black people who may be thinking of voting for Trump in the upcoming election.

Lemon asked Rye to comment on Trump campaign adviser Katrina Pierson calling this outreach program, “woke.” Rye sneered at the campaign using this term, saying she was “asleep,” before bashing President Trump for not doing anything for the black community. She even claimed the unemployment numbers were a result of President Obama’s work:
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