Friday, March 6, 2020

Illegal are voting in California and 'it's going to happen in your state soon'

This is especially bad in blue states that allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses.  Motor voter laws make it simple for illegal aliens to vote. 
This is what is what makes the electoral college so important.  It won't matter how high the voter total is in California and New York.   
Fox News reports state officials and lawmakers from California and Texas to Pennsylvania and West Virginia are raising concerns over the threat that noncitizens on the voter rolls pose to the integrity of U.S. elections.

On "Fox and Friends" on Thursday, Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren said that the issue is most pronounced in California. "We have a voter fraud and election integrity epidemic in the state of California," she said, "I want to expose it so I sat down with the great ladies of Election Integrity Project-California (EIPCa)."

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  1. "Illegal are voting in California..."

    Gee; d'ja think? The state has manipulated the electoral process to the point where it's actually ENCOURAGING illegals to vote. Sadly, the SCOTUS backs the state up by not requiring voter ID to vote...

  2. The Courts agreed in the case of Bob Dornan that illegals did vote and caused him to lose to Democrat Loretta Sanchez...but since she was already sworn in and seated (because the Court delayed the trial, rather convenient) it was not in the purview of the Judiciary to required the Legislative Branch to remove a sitting member.
    And of course no action was ever taken in regards to cleaning up the voter rolls or prosecuting the illegals of the people who registered them.