Friday, March 27, 2020

In defense Vic Mignogna caught up in some #MeToo bullshit

I never heard of Vic Mignogna until literally two weeks ago.
  Didn't know he was a voice actor and a highly successful one at that. 

What brought him to my attention was I happened upon an episode of Star Trek Continues on YouTube. He executive produced it as well as playing Captain Kirk.(Sere here)

So I decided to find out some more information about him.  Besides being a huge Star Trek, he's also a Christian and a conservative just like me.

Wow, how great? 

Then I came across what's happened to him for the past two years or so.  Apparently, Vic Mignogna has been unfairly caught up in some #MeToo drama. 

Do I know Vic?

No!  But, I'm totally against women coming up with false sexual allegations from years ago.  My default position is I never believe in the woman.  What happened to Vic Mignogna is scandalous and I think a lot of it was about envy and jealously.  And that's too bad!  Leave Vic alone, he's an okay dude. 

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