Sunday, March 22, 2020

Star Trek Continues..Well worth checking for fans of Star Trek TOS

I came across this Star Trek production that was created by Star Trek fans and it was the best I've ever seen.

Star Trek Continues is an eleven episode series that spans the period of time during the mission of the first original Star Trek series up until before Star Trek The Motion Picture.  

The show was executive produced by Vic Mignognam , a voice actor by profession, who plays the role of Captain Kirk.  He was joined by other voice actors, cast and crew who love Star Trek TOS.  The funding for the show was done via a non-profit business through contributions by Star Trek fans.  None of it was done for commercial purposes.  It was a joy to make this happen from fans who love the show from in front and behind the cameras.    

Each episode stories are compelling, the sets and music match the Star Trek TOS to a tee.  Fantastic!  It's well worth watching by fans who love Start Trek!    


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    1. I'm so impressed. And I never knew a thing about it otherwise I would have donated too.