Saturday, March 7, 2020

(VIDEO) MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Excited About Coronavirus Becoming Trump’s Katrina

This is why Democrats are so hateful people. 
All they care about is being in control and ruin the country under their watch.  Trump is doing an excellent job as president and they hate it because Obama was the worst.   And Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders offer nothing other than turning the country back to stagnation and destruction.
Gateway Pundit reports the people who work at MSNBC seem to obsess about how to bring down Trump’s presidency 24 hours a day.

Every single issue that comes up is framed through a lens of how it can be used to damage Trump.
Coronavirus is no exception.

Nicolle Wallace and her panel of ‘experts’ recently talked about how the disease could be Trump’s Katrina.
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  1. why don't they compare it to obama' swine flu, where thousands died