Sunday, March 8, 2020

What Do Democrats Get for Being The Most Woke? Two Old White Guys Running for President

This is so sweet!  For all the talk of being the most woke, intersectionality, and all that progressive bullshit! 
Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Julian  Castro, and Andrew Yang did not make a dent in the polls.  And for the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren, she never had a shot either for being a congenital liar!

So the woke concept ended up eating its own in a very shallow, self-cantered way because it was based on how a person looked without any room for character.      

So what does being woke mean in the end?  It meant nothing!  It was absolute claptrap from the beginning.  These ideas came from a group of people currently running New York and California.  And in the "real world" the results are high crime, an increase of homelessness, no bail reform, and the quality o f life being reduced to  misery. 

So why listen to these people because they have nothing of substance to say?


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