Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cackling Hens on ‘The View’: ‘Totalitarian’ Trump Stirring Up Virus Fears, Causing People to Die With ‘Clown’ Briefings

 I really don't understand how a serious person can watch The View. 
I never liked this show since it started.  But, I guess losers who are drawn to watch CNN or MSNBC would also watch this piece of junk. 
NewsBusters reports the fickle media really can’t make up their mind in how they want to attack President Trump. 

First, they faulted him for downplaying the coronavirus’s severity, saying that led to people acting irresponsibly and spreading the virus. Now, they are blaming him for stirring up fear and panic which is also causing people to die. On The View today, hosts Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin tag-teamed to attack Trump with this second tactic.
McCain started off by disagreeing with Hostin that the press briefings needed to stop being aired. She complaining that “totalitarian” Trump was using this pandemic to gain power so they needed to keep him in check so he doesn’t “play on the public’s fears in a draconian way” for “his own benefit”:
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  1. in answer to her question of how can one watch,,,,some people at the zoo had a gorilla they were unsuccessfully treating for constipation and blocked large intestine. the Vet tech turned on the view and the big boy dumped it right then.
    so, you see, those women do have a use.