Saturday, April 18, 2020

Iran says it acquired weaponized drones that can fly nearly 1,000 miles

It must be clear that the United States must not project any kind of weakness during these pandemic times. 
Our enemies will be only too happy to take advantage.
NY Post reports the Iranian military has acquired three bomb-carrying drones capable of flying almost 1,000 miles from an altitude of up to 45,000 feet, Defense Minister Amir Hatami announced Saturday.

The drones are equipped with bombs and missiles, can fly combat missions and could monitor enemy movements “from a considerable distance,” Hatami said on state television, according to Reuters.

Drones are key to Iran’s border surveillance, especially the Gulf waters around the Strait of Hormuz, which a fifth of the world’s oil supply passes through.

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  1. Without stealth they won't get near. Even with Gen. 6 stealth it will be iffy for them. Too, there are other means to detect them ... even before they leave the ground.