Sunday, April 5, 2020

MSNBC guest host GOPer Steve Schmidt, John McCain's campaign Mgr, Bash Trump ‘Incoherent,’ ‘Rambling’ ‘Mentally…Unraveling’

Steve Schmidt? 
This guy was John McCain's campaign manager in the 2008 run for president.  One of the worst Republicans runs for president ever.  So if there's one thing Schmidt knows how to do, is lose elections.  His opinions really aren't worth that much which explains why he's on MSNBC in the first place.  
NewsBusters reports MSNBC allowed Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace to host their coverage of Saturday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefing and, predictably, she twice interrupted to rip President Trump with like-minded guests Kimberly Atkins and Steve Schmidt. In Schmidt’s case, he blabbered that Trump was “completely over his head,” “incoherent,” “mentally….unraveling,” and “rambling.”

After the President’s opening remarks (which included a brutal scolding of the liberal media), Wallace skipped FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn’s remarks to kvetch to Atkins that, along with warning that this coming week would be dreadful, Trump “said a lot of other stuff, too, some of it nonsensical.”

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  1. Trump is doing a great job. It is sad to see these little people report on their wrong view points.