Thursday, April 2, 2020

Public announcing EMTs have stopped taking cardiac patients to hospitals in NYC is enough to kill people right on the spot!

So what is the point of having the USS Comfort on the Westside of Manhattan? 
What are the tent hospitals in Central Park for?  Why did they convert the Jacob Javits center into the largest hospital in the country? Cardiac patients come first in any emergency room.  Besides coronavirus patients, what is more important than a cardiac patient?  This wasn't anticipated?  This decision is beyond reckless! 

NY Post reports cardiac arrest victims whose hearts cannot be restarted at the scene are now being left there — rather than being brought to coronavirus-strained hospitals for further revival attempts, according to a new guidance for medical responders.

The Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York, which oversees the city’s ambulance service, issued the guidance on Tuesday in a letter obtained by The Post.

Previously, people whose hearts could not be restarted on the scene would be brought to the hospital.

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