Saturday, April 11, 2020

Swedish researchers send 1,000 self-test kits in the post to trace spread of Covid-19 antibodies in Stockholm

It seems to me that Sweden has the jump on the United States in getting antibody testing.  
The Local reports a thousand randomly chosen Stockholm residents will receive a coronavirus home testing kit in the post this Easter weekend as two researchers in the Swedish capital attempt to find out what percentage of the metropolitan population has potentially become immune to Covid-19.
Two KTH Royal Institute of Technology professors have decided to post serological self-test kits to 1,000 random addresses in a bid to ascertain what percentage of metropolitan Stockholm’s 2.3 million inhabitants have gained immunity to the coronavirus.
Serological tests study serum and other body fluids to measure the amount of antibodies or proteins present in the blood when the body is responding to a specific infection.
Professor Niclas Roxhed and Professor Jochen Schwenk also aim to ascertain how home testing for Covid-19 could help Swedish authorities fight the spread of the disease without overstretching the country’s health system.
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