Sunday, April 12, 2020

Anders Tegnell, Sweden's chief epidemiologist might literally be the most gutsiest man in the world

Virtually the world is in lockdown, economies have stopped cold. 
Millions of jobs have been lost in the United States and other parts of the globe.  Yet, one country, Sweden, is taking an opposite approach and the man behind it all is, Anders Tegnell. 

I for one am rooting for Sweden and Mr. Tegnell!  The pressure to follow the crowd is beyond belief.  It takes guts to stay the course others are too afraid to follow. 


  1. Political partisans and other scallawags are trying to claim that Sweden’s Tegnell is unique in the herd immunity goal. That is a bald lie. Herd immunity is the exact same goal in place in the authoritarian-coalition NPI (Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention, AKA mass, indefinite Isolation and Immobilization) response designed by Biosecurity experts (See the FOIA'd Red Dawn emails in the New York Times). The difference from Sweden’s democratic-scientific approach is that the authoritarian coalition’s Mass Isolation & Immobilization approach allows the security state to practice population lockdown (See Red Dawn emails discussing this goal) while technocratic epidemiologists are thrilled to be using societies as laboratories ( All the “early”/”late” implementation discourse is nonsense used to sell Biosecurity indefinite mass house arrest, as opposed to a testing-forward, selective-isolation policy. But the health object of the authoritarian-coalition strategy is highly suspect: All the economic, social and health costs it unleashes are not worth the carrot held before the manhandled public: an immunization for one version of coronavirus, where novel coronaviruses develop repeatedly. The people should be paid for their insane sacrifice to the authoritarian coalition.

  2. Same sentiment here. Tegnell is truly inspiring. I am glad someone is recognizing this hero. This is us. This is our true European blood. Not the soft degenerate panicked mode.