Saturday, April 25, 2020

Time to Live Life: Beaches across the nation from California t New York are packed as people ignore social distancing to sunbathe and relax

Oh my God!  People are having a good time not under house arrest anymore. 
The mainstream media is having a fit.  

According to real lifestatistics, not those models that have been wrong 100% of the time, of the 1,880,947 currently infected with Covid-19, 1,822,745 (97%} will suffer zero symptoms to mild symptoms.  That's better than 9 chances of 10 a person survives this disease. 

But, that's not the impression the mainstream media tells the public.  Their coverage only relates to body bags, the number of deaths per day, hospitals overruned with patients.  This virus kills the old, the most frail, and folks with underlying conditions that would eventually kill them anyway.  Nobody like to hear that.  But, that's the way of life. 

We've been manipulated by our so-called experts, not with helpful advice, but through panic and paranoia.   This is the true scandal of the Covid-19 pandemic.  29 million  Americans have lost their jobs thanks to Dr. Fauci and the rest of the so-called experts. 
Daily Mail reports from New York to California, people ignored social distancing to hit the beach Saturday as temperatures heated up.

Los Angeles braced for a heatwave this weekend which had people keen to get back to the beach as photos show beachgoers sunbathing and relaxing.

Meanwhile in New York, a spring day after a week of rain saw people out and about on Coney Island and Long Beach, despite the city being the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

And in Florida, popular beaches like Daytona and Cocoa Beach, continue to allow people to walk, surf, bike or swim, while promoting staying a safe six-foot distance from others. 

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