Saturday, May 9, 2020

Accused killers’ of Ahmaud Arbery arrested after police debunk their claims

There's a lot wrong with this situation. If this happened back in February, why weren't these men charged then?
Who took the video and why was it recently released?  Or maybe it was released back in February and police had it all along?  The video points towards enough evidence to warrant an indictment for murder.  But, none of that happened.  
NY Post reports the two men accused of fatally shotgunning unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery told police they believed he was a suspect in a recent string of break-ins — but no such crimes were reported to cops in the weeks leading up to the fatal shooting.

Glynn County Police Lt. Cheri Bashlor told CNN there was only one local automobile burglary reported on Jan. 1, when someone had stolen a firearm from an unlocked truck outside the McMichaels’ home back on Jan 1.

Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis, were arrested Thursday and face charges for murder and aggravated assault after the death of Arbery was caught on camera, horrifying Americans across the country.
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Since Al Sharpton has become involved in this case, it's going to get ugly with his usual race bating tactics.  Call me after the verdict! 


  1. The Glynn county DA refused to bring charges as McMichaels was associated with the county police dept in the past. Just as a note it has been the Brunswick police who are usually the ones that make Barney Fife look like Elliot Ness.

    The case got pushed out to two other DA's who both would not investigate and said there was no crime. My question was why was William Brian videoing with a cell phone while following the jogger? The leaked video that went viral is what got the attention of news agencies and attention of the state Atty General and Governor. That attention is what prompted the Governor to get the GBI involved. Once the GBI had the case they arrested the McMichaels in a couple of hours.

    Just to refresh some Brunswick GA stories: This is where the city councilman committed suicide with his hands tie-wrapped behind his back and shot himself in the head before he threw himself off a pier. This is also the place where the nephew of the DA was a known drug dealer that went on the lamb 5 years ago and has not been seen seen since. This is the city that has the highest per capita suicide rate in the state with most being questionable deaths that have little or no investigation.

  2. I smell another Travon Martin George Zimmerman case here. Ahmaud clearly attempted to tackle and wrest the gun away from Travis. Since we don't really know what words were exchanged, this appears to be another indictment for civil settlement case.