Thursday, May 28, 2020

Minneapolis on Fire after George Floyd’s death Looters Go Crazy Stealing Stuff

I don't understand any of this!
It doesn't make any sense for a cop to do what he did according to what is presented in the video.  Hey, I'm all for the police.  But, this one is hard to explain away according to what the video shows.  However, I hate videos because we never see context.  It's a poor way of judging anything.  That said, let me know after the verdict. 
Fox News reports protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd took a dramatic turn for the worse Wednesday night as city police responded to stores in the city being looted and burned as well as a deadly shooting at a protest location.
Multiple reports indicated that Mayor Jacob Frey reached out to Gov. Tim Walz to deploy the National Guard to the city. The mayor’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News seeking comment. 
Social media users posted videos on Twitter that showed burning businesses and looters entering a local Target store and making their way out with bags full of items.
 At least one group of armed men was seen outside a strip mall in Minneapolis on Wednesday night amid the looting.
Protests in the city first erupted Tuesday after video emerged of a police officer with his knee pressed against Floyd's neck while the man was lying in the street, in custody. Protesters have called for the officers involved -- four of whom have been fired -- to be charged in his death.
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  1. Do you really want to "understand" all of this? To be truthful; you are seeing the base human spirit unleashed. To think that EVERYONE else operates at your level of "niceness" is a wrong assumption. All of this rioting and looting is the basic human instinct of survival and greed.
    What you have is multi-generations with no moral guidance; they have been fed the government manna. They have no family structure, no moral rules, no ability to self control.