Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Must Watch Sen. Rand Paul Blasts Dr. Fauci 'I don't think you're the end all!'

Finally!  Somebody has deservedly put Fauci in his place. 
He's been wrong about this virus 60% of the time starting with his stupid modeling that Rand pointed out has been wrong time after time.  Fauci's lockdown has been wrong also, kicking the problem down the road.  The MSM has painted Fauci for sainthood. While in reality he's the most responsible for over 30 million Americans losing their jobs! 


  1. in this country, for every family, sadly, dealing with the death of a loved one, there are over 350 families dealing with the loss of a job.
    thank you Dr. Fauci

  2. It seemed to me that Fauci immediately went into defense mode. IMHO he would have gotten a lot more credibility if he had said that yes they got many things wrong with their reliance on predictive models (many of which were not just wrong but totally wrong - and still are). Sorta reminded me of the little kids immediately going into not me not me mode.

  3. Why, is that the same Anthony Fauci who in January 2020 said the Coronavirus poses little risk to America? He can't separate politics from his science, who's he trying to kid.

    1. He's been a disaster that needs to put away i the old folks home.