Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tucker: Our leaders 'wasted literally years accusing each other of working for Putin' and China benefited

Once again Tucker is spot on!  He's part of a handful of TV commentators that tell the unvarnished truth of what's happening in this country.
  In my opinion, he's the Rush Limbaugh of cable news.  Nobody else comes close!   
Fox News reports Tucker Carlson opened his program Tuesday night by bashing proponents of the Russia collusion narrative, saying  China was the biggest beneficiary of the controversy that engulfed the first two years of the Trump presidency.
"The beauty of the Russia fable was that it allowed ... our ruling class to ignore the huge number of actual problems the United States faced, problems that in many cases they caused, or at the very least failed to solve," the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host said.
"The drug addiction crisis that has killed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands over time. The border that is essentially open. A disappearing middle class, the core of our country. The rise of China, and then, of course, any number of counterproductive foreign wars that should have ended long ago."
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  1. The truth is, they are not our leaders. They are supposed to be our representatives. And they aren't doing a very good job of that either.