Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Video-Trump defends taking hydroxychloroquine, hits back at Pelosi as 'sick'

It's amazing the politicalization over one drug.
  All because Trump said it was okay to take, Democrats and the mainstream media had to go the opposite way.  Sadly, people are perhaps dying needlessly because of politics refusing to take  hydroxychloroquine that could possibly save their lives.   
Fox News reports President Trump on Tuesday defended his use of hydroxychloroquine in an attempt potentially to ward off the coronavirus, saying the unproven COVID-19 drug "gives you an additional level of safety."
Trump, who revealed Monday that he's taking the anti-malaria drug to prevent coronavirus, much to the shock of the medical community, bashed a scientific study warning of the dangers of hydroxychloroquine as a personal assault on him.
"It was a Trump enemy statement," Trump said on Capitol Hill Tuesday after lunching with GOP senators.
 He didn't specify the name of the study but said the participants were in "bad shape" and "almost dead."
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