Sunday, June 28, 2020

Andrew Cuomo-Bill de Blasio's New York: NYPD arrests Washington Square Park’s squatting ‘Jesus’ after nude brawl

This situation was allowed to occur for nearly two months. 
A mentally disturbed person took residence at Washington Square and Democrat officials who run this city couldn't figure a way to get him out until the NYPD stepped in yesterday.  That's how ineffective Democrat leadership is in this town.  We see it all over the country. 
NY Post reports it was a Come to Jesus moment, of sorts, for the NYPD.

After days of looking the other way, cops moved in Saturday night to arrest a homeless man who calls himself “Son of God Lord Saviour Jesus Christ” and who had taken up residence — often without the benefit of clothing — since May in the drained fountain at Washington Square Park.

Police finally cuffed and arrested the squatter, Matthew Mishefski, on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. when he began brawling in the nude with two other barely-dressed men, witnesses told The Post.

Some 12 NYPD officers responded to the scene; Mishefski was transported from the landmark in an ambulance.

Mishefski, 25, has told The Post he is from the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania and has said he’s autistic.

City authorities — including police, Parks Department employees and homeless outreach coordinators — hadn’t been able to convince him to voluntarily budge from his outpost despite numerous visits.

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  1. The invasion of the uncivil and immoral will continue unabated for as long as deemed necessary or until they either win elections again or their political enemies have been killed. The beatings will continue until moral improves.