Wednesday, June 24, 2020

BET founder Robert Johnson mocks crowds pulling down statues, calls them 'borderline anarchists'

Listen to this man!
  He speaks a lot of truth.  Tearing down statues doesn't do a thing to help black people.  It's empty virtue signaling. 
Fox News reports BET founder Robert Johnson, in an interview Wednesday with 
Fox News, blasted those who are toppling Confederate and other statues across the nation as "borderline anarchists" -- while challenging the notion that black Americans support this.
People tearing down statues "have the mistaken assumption that black people are sitting around cheering for them saying 'Oh, my God, look at these white people. 

They're doing something so important to us. They're taking down the statue of a Civil War general who fought for the South," Johnson said. "You know, black people, in my opinion, black people laugh at white people who do this the same way we laugh at white people who say we got to take off the TV shows."
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