Saturday, June 20, 2020

Democrats losing control: One killed, two injured during shooting inside the nation of CHOP in Seattle

 It's beginning to fall apart and the Democrats who run Seattle don't give a rip about the citizens they took an oath to protect!  

NY Post reports one person was killed and two others injured when a shooting erupted in Seattle’s autonomous zone early Saturday, and police are now inside the “no-cop” zone investigating, according to reports.

Seattle police remained Saturday afternoon in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, gathering spent shell casings and assembled in riot gear at the border, Newsweek reported. They reportedly met resistance as they tried to get to the victims earlier.

Videos recorded inside CHAZ showed volunteers scrambling to help the victims.
Police confirmed the shooting in a Twitter post Saturday, but offered no additional details.
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  1. The Police should not bother to go in at all. They wanted to be autonomous, they didn't want any cops, they did all this with the Mayor's and the Governor's blessing, have the Mayor and the Governor walk in and deal with it, don't put the Police in another no win situation. Let the kids sort it out on the playground on their own.