Saturday, June 13, 2020

Seattle’s top cop Carmen Best wants to take back protester-occupied precinct ‘ASAP’

This is very interesting. Here's an African American female as the police chief.
  I'm sure she's very competent at her job and she's defending her police force.  Has any of these signs of progress mattered with liberals?  Nope!  Not a damn bit. What's happening in Seattle with this Chaz is illegal.  Lets' start there before any conversation.  This police chief want to enforce the law.  The mayor doesn't!  Both took oaths, but the mayor is refusing to follow her oath to the people of Seattle.    
NY Post reports Seattle protesters continued their fourth day occupying the blocks around an abandoned police precinct Friday, as the city’s top cop said she wants back inside “as soon as possible.”
“Ideally, we just need to get back into the building,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told local station KIRO-7.
“People are looking for a plan, but we want to make sure we modulate anything that we’re doing,” Best told the station.
“We don’t want to exacerbate or intensify or incite problems that are going to lead to harm to the officers or the people who are standing by,” she added.
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  1. If she was really against the plan, she wouldn't have ordered it and be looking for employment today.

    1. She's following orders from the mayor. She's doing her job. It's the mayor not her job!

  2. so the police chief should arrest the mayor on a charge of aiding and abetting. then embargo the CHAZ, NOTHING gets in...anyone coming out goes to jail. cut the electricity, and water. jam the cell phone signal and cut the internet. oh and loud speakers, lots of loud speakers playing...oh, maybe billy ray cyrus ackey breakey heart at 120 db 24/7.

  3. Her first duty is to arrest the mayor. It's illegal to aid enemies of the United States. She should hold the mayor until the feds arrive.

  4. They claim systematic racism in this city, with a DEM mayor and a black women as police chief

  5. The barriers setting the boundaries of CHAZ is porous. There are people walking back and forth across the border. It needs to be tightened up where there is only one point of exit with no entry into the zone. Everybody exiting will be de-briefed and charged with crimes if they have been found to have broken a law. Power and water also need to be shut off to CHAZ. If they want to be on their own let them be on their own. In less than a week there would be no CHAZ if my suggestions were followed.