Thursday, June 4, 2020

The danger in this country are Democrats and here's why

Corey Johnson NYC Council president Openly Gay

One of the first things that happened in New York when Democrats took full control of the New York City council was to do away with quality of life laws.
 The president of the council, Corey Johnson, is openly Gay.  That in itself doesn't disqualify him from making decisions that will affect millions of New Yorkers.  However, his rationale for ridding New York of quality of life laws are false and immoral.  They argued these laws disproportionally hurt the minority community.   

That's a lie!

This excuse is the a frequent default positions of leftists to stop any kind of debate.  They never offered any kind of study, surveys or research to justify their position.  In other words, there was no data  or science to prove what they were saying was true.  

Removing quality of life laws has drastically changed New York.  If people are allowed to urinate and defecate in public without any penalty, the atmosphere is set for even greater lawlessness.  

Second,  "no bail laws" were passed by these leftists guaranteeing criminals go free after they commit crimes.  

More lawlessness!

But, it doesn't stop there.  Democrats are now arguing to defund police and release criminals from prisons.  See how Democrats are a greater danger?      

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