Sunday, June 14, 2020

VIDEO- ‘You’re Not a Journalist Brian, You’re an Activist!”: Trump Sr. Legal Advisor Destroys CNN’s Brian Stelter

Brian is such an idiot who doesn't realize how stupid he comes across to normal people.
  But, that's CNN's problem.  They don't appeal to regular folks.  Only the whacked out activists with no lives and bitterness in their hearts.  
Gateway Pundit reports brilliant and talented Senior Legal Advisor to the Trump Campaign, Jenna Ellis, joined CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday Morning on Reliable Sources.
Poor Brian was completely outmatched with the brilliant and talented Trump associate.
During their discussion Stelter complained about the term “fake news” and then got personal when he told Ellis that she would regret using “slurs” when her kids and grandkids see this one day.
What a jerk!
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