Friday, July 17, 2020

'No more blacklisting': Antonio Sabato Jr. announces plans for 'conservative movie studio'

As a avid movie buff, this is very good news! 
Hollywood has become a liberal sewer producing nothing but super hero movie and endless sequels.  Garbage!   I hope other conservative actors do the same thing and start studios to provide the public better content.  
USA Today reports Antonio Sabato Jr. is making plans for himself in the entertainment industry after claiming he was blacklisted from Hollywood due to his political beliefs. 
In a tweet on Thursday, the former soap opera actor said he plans to start a film studio for projects that Hollywood would shy away from.
"We are putting together a plan to create a conservative movie studio for all patriots to do projects that Hollywood would never do," he wrote. "No more blacklisting and no more injustice from the socialist's elites."
About an hour later, Sabato added in a follow-up tweet that the studio's first film is already in the works and that he encourages all conservative producers to reach out to him. 
"To all conservative producers who want to make a change this is the time, get in touch with me, and be part of our team," he wrote. "Right now we are In pre-production with Trail Blazers our first in line for many more & first to start our studio."
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  1. You make the movies Antonio, and I will go back to the theater. I have not been to the movies in over three years since hoollyweird decided my family, and I, should have bad things happen to us.

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  3. I have not been to the movies since Titanic!!! I should have gone to Gibsons, but didn't...