Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago: 18 Police Officers injured in clash woke-idiot protesters near Columbus statue,Grant Park, Portland's riots

This is what life has been reduced to under the failed leadership of openly Gay Democrat, Lori Lightfoot. 
Chicago was on a downward trend under Rahm Emanuel.  But, Lightfoot has pressed the accelerator harder making conditions even worse.   
Fox News reports a protest near the Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago’s Grant Park turned violent Friday night, as the crowd started hurling objects at police officers who were guarding the statue, according to reports.
As conditions worsened, dozens of police officers arrived from across the city, FOX 32 of Chicago reported.
A total of 18 police officers were injured at the scene, the report said. Some required treatment at hospitals.
At least a dozen rioters were taken into custody, FOX 32 reported.
At least four civilians were taken to hospitals but their medical conditions were unknown, Chicago's WGN-TV reported.
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  1. When blacks can rule a city it becomes a jungle. There isn't a single city blacks control that isn't a cesspool. Selma recently celebrated the opening of a Starbucks-what an accomplishment! It will remain this way till blacks abandon their usual behaviors and adopt civilization.

  2. Unless and until all of the racists in America learn to shove their racism back into the closet and keep their pretty little mouths shut, there will be no place in this country where they can feel safe in their little white picket fence lifestyle. The current administration is openly racist and what you are seeing in America today is the result of that. It will remain this way until ignorance is rooted out and the ancestors of racist, raping, kidnapping, slave holding creepy rich white people educate themselves. The entire country is chocked full of ignorant white people with racist upbringings. I cannot imagine why you think you are better than anyone else. It certainly isn't because of your ancestry!

  3. When Lori Lightfoot's term ends she will be glad to get out. Follow on cushy job for a "job well done" She will be the last Black mayor in Chicago for a long long time. White voters will get behind a Hispanic who offers peace, safety, law and order. Blacks will be kicked off the Chicago gravy train.

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