Friday, July 31, 2020

SHOCK: CBS Experiment Proves Mail-In Ballots Could Be a Disaster

Let's be real!  Mail-in voting is the only way a senile loser like Joe Biden has any chance to steal the election from Donald Trump.
  If people can go buy food during this pandemic.  Buy liquor, go to a protest and riot in the streets, then people can go vote. 
NewsBusters reports this isn’t something you see often on network television. CBS on Sunday did an experiment to determine just how safe mail-in ballots will be in November. CBS Weekend News journalist Tony Dokoupil set up a campaign “headquarters” and mailed 100 “ballots” to himself through the U.S. Post Office. The results were not encouraging. They also refute the dismissive tone of other journalists when covering Donald Trump’s concerns about mail-in voting. 
Dokoupil set up a P.O. box and mailed his ballots. Here’s how it all played out:      
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  1. I think it will be a disaster. Some states are claiming their mail-in ballots are for small amounts of mail-in ballots only and not a massive state wide mail in election where just about everyone will be voting by mail. They aren't equipped for that.

    And it's alarming that in the experiment not all the mail-in ballots were received...that means some votes didn't count. We are supposed to be one person, one vote so there can't be any margin of error.

  2. H ere in Californistan, I received notice that I will be getting a mail in ballot. I'm going to hand deliver it to the County Registrar of voters. It will be interesting to see how long the lines will be.