Monday, September 7, 2020

Cops arrested more than 100 over weekend as Democrat-run Portland protests hit 100 straight days

Democrats fail to understand that a city that's not safe is a city nobody wants to live in.  People are leaving Portland in droves

and making that city a ghetto of mindless indoctrinated leftists.  Would you want to live there?      

NY Post reports Portland police arrested more than 100 people during violent clashes this weekend, as the Oregon city passed 100 consecutive days of Black Lives Matter protests.

The majority — 59 — were arrested Saturday as officials declared a riot in which they said officers were hit with multiple firebombs, mortars and rocks.

They included some who appeared to have traveled from as far as New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, along with two juveniles — including a 15-year-old booked into juvenile detention on charges of rioting and second-degree disorderly conduct, police said.

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