Friday, September 18, 2020

Iranian teens convicted of stealing reportedly will have fingers chopped off

In that part of world, ,this is the way they deal with crime. 

Why do you think so many want to come to the United States?

NY Post reports three teenage boys found guilty of stealing in Iran will now endure the barbaric punishment of having their fingers hacked off, according to a report.

The teens — identified as Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian and Mehdi Shahivand — were ordered to have four fingers on their right hands amputated, according to an Iran Supreme Court verdict, The Sun reported, citing British-based Persian-language television station Iran International.

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  1. I dont care. It is their country and their culture. When their people get tired of this they will revolt and overthrow the mullahs. Until then keep them bottled up and out of the Western World and culture.

  2. Cutting off fingers pretty much makes a person useless. I am in favor of harsh and swift justice. Why are we locking people up in what is essentially felony university? The other option of course is no punishment ie probation. What I favor is first time felons and serious misdemeanors receive lashes with a bull whip. Any number depending on severity of the crime from ten to fifty. On a second felony, or a fourth serious misdemeanor, castration.
    That pretty much eliminates the glamor of dating a bad boy that misguided girls with no father figures seem to gravitate toward. We know demeanor is genetic in cattle, and there is plenty of evidence to show it is so in humans, so getting bad genetics out of the pool is a good thing.
    If, however, that does not convince junior to act like a responsible member of society and he wants to keep doing crime,teach him the Texas air dance. Do it within six months of conviction, that way his evil will be fresh in people's minds.
    For serious felonies like rape and murder, jump immediately to step three, and for false claims of rape, execute the false accuser.