Sunday, September 6, 2020

Video-Gun Totin' Patriot, Hip Hop video Trump style, Can you feel it?

This is what's happening in the black commodity that CNN and MSNBC is not reporting.  2nd amendment rights salute this.  Pass this video along to all your Patriot friends of all races!  

Gun Totin Patriot by Bryson Gray Youtube channel

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  1. The empty obamagate that tRumpanzee made up could and cannot explain it nor can any of his trampanzee groupies. Just a failure named donald loser trump (who by the way paid someone to take his college college entrance exam, highly stable [sic] genius right?) won't take responsibility for its failures and tried to claimed it signed the veterans bill. Yes in 2014 the megalomaniac built a time machine and signed that bill and takes a false victory lap and credit...

    Dotard didn't want the economy to collapse (the very one it did not create) so it decided not to scare people and thus not sharing a thing and downplaying it now the country has 195,820 dead.

    There are many black conservatives (that make up less than 10%) that has not swayed other blacks to become or vote for conservatives pretty funny trying though.