Saturday, September 5, 2020

VIDEO-Washington State Patrol Rips Black Lives Matter Militant Out of Vehicle For Illegally Blocking Traffic on Highway

One of the reasons we are having this problem is because the Republican Party refused to engage in social issues.  Namely, allowing leftists to take over our school system without challenge by the GOP.  This is the result with idiots indoctrinated to act like this.
GatewayPundit reports Washington State patrol on Friday ripped a Black Lives Matter militant out of a vehicle for illegally blocking traffic on the NB-15 freeway.

BLM-Antifa terrorists shut down highway 99 during their “Seattle Morning March” so they thought they could rove into other parts of Washington and do the same.
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  1. This:
    is the putrid sewage behind this terrorism. Nothing will change for the better until they are dealt with appropriately!!!!!!

  2. You can arrest as many of these idiots as there are. But if the courts turn them loose an hour later, only to see them back at the same idiocy, what have we accomplished? Except to make the police do a lot of paper work.
    Lock them up -- give them a court appearance date next month.