Thursday, October 15, 2020

Andrew Cuomo might be a sociopath: a book review

Good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks Andrew Cuomo has a series personality flaw. 

He's a freaking bum!   

Washington Examiner reports with the sole exception of potentially China, no other nation in the world suffered as many per capita deaths from the novel coronavirus than the state of New York. From Albany to Manhattan, no state or country was worse served by its governance than the New Yorkers who suffered a COVID death rate that killed one of every 1,000 residents of the Big Apple. Of course, you'd hardly know this if you watched the media bend over backward to lionize Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the hellscape of the past year. And you certainly wouldn't if you took the career politician's deranged victory lap of a memoir about a pandemic threatening to reshutter his state as fact.

In case you were wondering how Cuomo managed to crank out some drivel for personal profit while dealing with no real end in sight for the coronavirus, the explanation is simple: Cuomo published a deranged diary, one with the tact and prose of a sociopath, and the promise of a politician so cynical that he's preparing for an even more authoritarian rule to result from his pandemic-justified tyranny.

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