Saturday, October 17, 2020

Chomo Chaos: NYPD faces shakeup amid huge spike in retirements and resignations

What's happening in the NYPD ranks is directly linked to Gov. Andrew Cuomo horrible decisions.

  He signed a no bail law that releases criminals hours after they are arrested.  On top of that, these same criminals are allowed to receive personal information of their victims before their trial dates that allow them to be intimidated by criminals.  New York's crimes have skyrocketed! And the NYPD's hands are tied because of the anti-hate police atmosphere  that has been encouraged by Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio.  This is a very bad situation. 

 Fox News reports the New York Police Department – said to be the largest police force in the nation – is in the grip of a "troubling" shakeup, as retirements and resignations continue to mount, officials said.

Union officials and others say the exodus is being fueled in part by pressure by racial justice advocates to defund police departments or impose major reforms.

The NYPD said in an email to Fox News this week that 2,385 officers have submitted their retirement papers this year as of Oct. 6 – an 87% increase from the 1,274 retirements reported during the same period in 2019.

The department said 372 others have resigned as of Oct. 6, five more than last year.

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  1. Going back to Amadou Diallo, the stench from the Big Craphole pig sty has been overwhelming. If they are resigning and retiring, what's not to like???