Thursday, October 29, 2020

Corrupt Biden-like NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is trying to kill Mets sale to Steve Cohen

Truth be told, Mayor Bill de Blaso is just as corrupt a politician as Joe Biden. 

This deal is gonna go through.  But, somewhere along the line De Blaio is gonna get paid by Steve Cohen because that's how it works in political world.  Ask Joe Biden whose been doing this for 47 year.      

NY Postreports Bill de Blasio has privately told Major League Baseball that he will do everything he can to stop Steve Cohen from buying the Mets.

The Post has learned that Hizzoner called MLB commissioner Rob Manfred earlier this month and told him outright that he opposed the idea of a hedge-fund billionaire buying a local team and would be using his oversight power of the city’s control of the Citi Field lease to prevent the sale from being finalized.

A source inside City Hall confirmed to The Post that de Blasio did call Manfred, but said the mayor’s message to the MLB commish was “very close to what the mayor has been saying publicly.”

City Hall has maintained that de Blasio and his team are merely doing “due diligence” on Cohen’s purchase of the Mets, something they are entitled to do thanks to a clause in the Citi Field lease that allows the mayor to weigh in because the ballpark sits on land that is technically a city park.

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