Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Beijing Biden is reviving all of his past failures — and it won’t stop

Joe Biden is getting the failed band back together.  Look for he United States give up their sovereignty.

  American jobs will be shipped overseas.  And Joe Biden continues to be China's Bitch!      

MichaelGoodwin, NY Post

Psst, an occasionally reliable source tells me Joe Biden has settled on a motto for his administration. It’s going to be “The Way We Were.”

Just before he announced the first members of his team, the next president was heard singing in his Delaware basement,

“Memories light the corners of my mind,
“Misty water-colored memories of the way we were.”

My source claims Biden wanted Perry Como to sing the song at the inauguration. Informed that Como died nearly 20 years ago, Biden agreed to let a fresh face, Barbra Streisand, give it a try.

The next president turned 78 last Friday and his first selections reveal he’s got a bad case of nostalgia. Less kindly, he’s stuck in the past.

Is Biden assembling an administration or a wax museum? John Kerry and Janet Yellen, you’re melting! And it has nothing to do with climate change.

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  1. Gropin' Joe isn't putting anything back together. Nobody wants the old Choom Gang and his election is a disaster of obvious failure.