Wednesday, November 25, 2020

In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off” — Sidney Powell Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS — COULD FLIP STATE!

 Sidney Powell is trying to prove that Trump should've won by a landslide. 

Although there might not be enough time to get this done before the electors meet on December 14, 2020, this case is not going away. 

Gateway Pundit reports Sidney Powell is about to release the Kraken.

On Saturday Sidney Powell told Newsmax that 35,000 votes were added to every Democratic candidate in AZ, to start their count, and that she believes this also happened elsewhere.

On Tuesday Attorney Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs “We’ve got one witness that says in Arizona at least there were 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate just to start their voting off.”

Does ANYONE really believe Trump won AZ by 5 percentage points in 2016 and lost the dependable red state in 2020 to Sleepy Joe?
We will put our money on Sidney and Donald Trump!

If proven this could flip at least one US House seat and the presidential election in the dependable red state.

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