Sunday, November 22, 2020

Red Pill Conversation: Glenn Greenwald Censorship on the Right and Left, Calls out AOC's fake progressiveness on Jimmy Dore Show

Fromm Jimmy Dore

I would describe this conversation between Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore as a "Red Pill" event. 

For those not familiar, red pills are from the science fiction movie The Matrix.  Those who take the red pills see the world for what it actually is instead of blue pills which are a manipulation by others on how life should be.

Both these men are true progressives that call out fake progressives like AOC and the Squad.  They both hate the mainstream media but from a completely different perspective.  Both of these guys see Democrats and Republicans as one entity playing their manipulation games to their bases.  Is AOC a progressive?  Or is she presented that way by conservative media?

The MSM hates Glenn Greenwald for good reason.  It's no accident he's been living outside of the U.S. for 15 years.  Both of these guys hate Trump.  But, set that aside.  Pay close attention to what Greenwald has to say, and Jimmy Dore also.  Again, this is a red pill conversation.       


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