Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The real reasons why Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy for being a miserable Democrat governor

1. He's bankrupted the state with his short-sighted economic policies.    

2. People are leaving New York in droves thanks to Cuomo's consistory taxes and over regulation of business.

3. Cuomo signed a "no cash bail" law that has quadrupled crime across the state.  Thanks to Cuomo's so-called brilliance, people live in fear and he couldn't care less because he has a security detail the people pay for with their taxes. 

4. Cuomo signed Baby Born Alive law that allows women to kill new born children.  It's legal to kill new borns in New York and Cuomo cheered after he signed it into law.

5. Cuomo signed Gay marriage law forever changing the definition of marriage that has stood for thousands of year accrodi9ng to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  

That's why he won a worthless Emmy for an equally worthless human being!




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