Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What unity means to Beijing Biden and Democrats

As Democrats call for unity after the elections, let's be real.  All is good if everyone agrees with Democrats on any issue. 

However, if there are alternative views by Republicans then unity stops.  Because when people disagree with Democrats then they're called racists, homophones, misogynists, and a like. 

So if people think Joe Biden will come along and have a Sista Souljah moment and tell Democrats, "No, no we won’t have that kind of rhetoric, we're all Americans!"   

Think again.       



  1. It means submit or be the target of the government they are going to aim at each and everyone of the people they deem as political enemies. The call to come together and unity is a call to join them on the side of pure evil.

  2. It is akin to "we need to have a conversation", which is lib-speak for the exact opposite, namely "you keep quiet, I'll do the talking here".