Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Cops bust massive Long Island mansion party with 400 people to enforce Emmy award winning Andrew "Asshole" Cuomo unconstitutional executive order limiting residential gathering to 10 people

Gov. Andrew "Asshole" Cuomo is the same guy who signed a no cash bail law. 

As a result New York's crime has quadrupled as criminals are released from police custody hours after they are arrested.  But, instead on working to resolve that problem Cuomo created, he instead concentrates on law-abiding citizens who are peacefully gathering inside their residence.  Does that make any sense to reasonable people?   

NY Post reports cops busted a massive party with as many as 400 people who were stuffed in a Long Island mansion early Monday morning.

Officers responded to the 10-acre mansion in Brookhaven around 12:30 a.m. and began shutting down the party, which violated the state’s mandate of keeping small gatherings to 10 people, according to Suffolk County police.

Police say the owner rented the mansion to the host on Airbnb.

“He made it very clear to the person that was renting the house, who we believe was from New Jersey, what the rules were in New York, that they could not have a gathering of more than 10 people and he did supply documentation that that message was communicated,” Suffolk Police Chief Stuart Cameron told News 12 Long Island.

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