Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Fake News: Healthy teen dies after COVID-19 ‘ate her through,’ allegedly says family without medical experience

Whatever killed this teen, it wasn't Covid. 

There isn't one quote from a medical professional in this article.  So the family gets to make a diagnosis of Covid and says that's what killed her?  Sorry, that doesn't wash at all.  She died because of some other disease. And if the teen really had Covid, her family wouldn't' be by her bedside.  That's not a Covid protocol.  

NY Postreports a healthy high school senior from Chicago contracted COVID-19 just before Christmas — and was dead within days as the virus “ate her through,” her family says.

“She called me up crying to say that, you know, ‘Mom, I’m going to miss Christmas.’ And I had to reassure her that it’s just a day on the calendar, and when she comes home, ‘We’ll do Christmas with you.’ … Unfortunately she didn’t [leave the hospital],” Sarah Simental’s grieving mother, Deborah Simental, told the local ABC-TV affiliate.

“It literally just ate her through,” the mom said of the coronavirus. “And no parent should ever have to watch their child go through that.”

Deborah said her 18-year-old daughter had no health problems when she got a headache and began suffering a sore throat and body aches Dec. 23.

Sarah felt so poorly that her parents took her to a local hospital — where she only worsened and was airlifted to the University of Chicago Hospital, ABC said.

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