Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Wake the fuck GOP-Rasmussen Poll says 72 Percent Say Trump Is Model for GOP

If the GOP establishment thinks they can go back to their swamp activities, think again! 

Trump and the base of the GOP will demand the party to be more like him instead of Paul Ryan.  I don't know if Trump is running in 2024.  But, the GOP better know that ANY establishment candidates will be quickly dismissed by the base.  And that includes Nikki Haley who I don't trust!   

Newsmax reports a large majority of likely Republican voters want the party to be more like President Donald Trump than the average GOP member of Congress, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

Just 24% of likely GOP voters see the average congressional Republican as a better model for the party than Trump, while 72% say the GOP should be more like the outgoing president.

Still, according to the poll, a slight majority (52%) would like a new Republican on the 2024 presidential ticket, while 63% among Democrats and unaffiliated likely voters want a fresh face.

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  1. can you say "third party"???
    maker up will be 72% former republicans....100% of the walk away movement...100% of then blexit people....25% of the moderate(blue dog) democrats, and a bunch of independents who have been/will be red pilled by the radical left takeover.