Sunday, January 3, 2021

VIDEO- Democrat Raphael Warnock: America Needs to Repent for Supporting Trump and its “Worship of Whiteness”

 This racist is running for Senate? Let's set politics aside.  It's a very sad commentary that this insane fool is a church leader.  What makes it worse is he's the senior pastor at the same church led by Martin Luther King Jr.  Wow, that's really bad and I would say Martin is looking down and shaking his head in shame!

GatewayPundit reports Raphael Warnock is the future of the Democrat Party. He hates America and hates whitey.

Warnock is running against Senator Kelly Loeffler next week in a Georgia runoff election.

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  1. Warnock is right in line with Barry Soetoro's previous pastor!!!

  2. The last thing GA needs is another black bigoted elected official.